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The first one across the finish line wins, but you can never be sure if the person behind you has a laser aimed right on your tail.


eyeone free online game
eyeone free online game

Playing the game
In the game lobby there are always players waiting to race, and the lobby chatroom is the best way to challenge someone to a race. It's very easy to create a game, and the options are many, making every race fun and interesting. You can choose between four different ships, all with different attributes, and four challenging tracks, all in detailed 3D. During game play there are several powerups that affect your ship in different ways, while at the same time the game play remains very balanced. There are a lot of things that must go right if you're to be the one that crosses the finishline first.

The controls
The default controls are:
Turn left - left arrow
Turn right - right arrow
Throttle - up arrow
Break - down arrow
Fire weapon - space
Select weapon - 1 2 3 4 5
Next weapon - tab
Toggle view - v
Toggle result - r
Talk - enter

Game creation
In the game lobby, you have three buttons. "Join" joins a current game, "Create" creates a new game, and "Menu" shows the game options. Once a game is created, the game creator will have full control over the game, changing the tracks, inviting users, kicking users, you change the number of laps, and so on. If you join a game already in progress, you can only change your own ship. The other buttons will be unclickable.

In game
In the top right corner you have the minimap, showing the course, and an arrow pointing in the direction you're headed. In the statusbar, you have indicators of how much ammo you have of the selected weapon, and your position. The weapon you have selected is indicated by a glowing icon.



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