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Tix is another classic game. The object of the game is to capture Tix by drawing lines to remove more and more of its area. It gets harder and harder to capture Tix as the game progresses. Tix is a small 2D java game that will run on most computers, while keeping the attention of the players.
eyeone free online game
eyeone free online game
Start the game by pressing any key. If nothing happens, click the game area with the mouse pointer to make sure it has your attention. Use the arrow keys for moving and draw a line with Z or X keys. Z draws the line slowly - which gives more points. X draws the line faster. To capture a new area draw a line from somewhere on the green border, to somewhere else on the same border. The goal is to capture Tix by conquering ever more of his territory. But be careful! While you are drawing the line, you are vulnerable to attacks. Good Luck!

61 -
mjlover42: 34805
62 -
H3rm4N-: 34143
63 -
Robzon: 33965
64 -
Livewire: 33649
65 -
AssMonkey: 33098
66 -
ciara: 33080
67 -
zeffer: 32668
68 -
romain: 32251
69 -
Geleris: 32123
70 -
cls358: 30267
71 -
Mysteria: 30072
72 -
Smokey29810: 29247
73 -
schobben: 28298
74 -
Jokke: 28012
75 -
a2line: 27740
76 -
gangreen736: 27731
77 -
duhwon: 27607
78 -
7death7: 25977
79 -
cashalmo: 25933
80 -
Zilla: 25899
81 -
CelinesAngel: 25701
82 -
gundraw: 25486
83 -
johtajapk: 24910
84 -
dckimball: 24683
85 -
rubbur: 24555
86 -
mortimer47: 24510
87 -
D-a-v-i-d: 23873
88 -
EnMcG: 22874
89 -
bill: 22094
90 -
Matt: 22073
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